Accountability. Who owns ESG?

Accountability. Who owns ESG?

Dearest Friends,

Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday on LinkedIn for our event – How to get started with ESG today? Accountability – Who owns ESG?

I appreciated everyone’s participation and below are key insights from the discussion:

  • ESG & Sustainability requires top level buy-in & strategy from the board and senior executive staff. 
  • Hiring dedicated high-level ESG/S staff ensure accountability and transparency across the organization and signal to stakeholders that your company takes ESG issues seriously. 
  • Successful ESG/S strategies are embedded across the organization and culturally accepted by employees. 
  • Fulfilling your organization’s ESG ambitions is only possible with the right PEOPLE. 
  • New operating model = new ways of working, new roles, and new skills. 
  • Who owns ESG? Ultimately, everyone in an organization owns ESG. But it starts and is led by strong leadership at the top of the organization.

We also had an interesting discussion about tying executive compensation to ESG non-financial metrics. And explored alternatives such as nudging and other incentives. If you’d like a copy of the presentation, please send me an email at

Yesterday’s event was the first discussion in a four-part series focused on getting started with ESG. Below you’ll find more information on our upcoming events. Please join us!

Inflation Reduction Act

I’m also pleased the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law by President Biden this Tuesday. This is a historical opportunity for the United States and a major win for the environment.

Upcoming LinkedIn LIVE

  • Thursday, August 25th @10 am ET – Materiality. What’s important?
  • Thursday, September 8th @10 am ET (My Birthday!)  – Framework. What does success look like?
  • Thursday, September 22nd @10 am ET – Data, Measurement & Reporting. What are best practices? 

Be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn for additional details. Can’t wait to see everyone!

ESG/S Resources

Don’t forget to download these free resources I created to help you get started on your ESG/S strategy:


I look forward to seeing you next week. Have a lovely weekend!

As always, warmly yours

Founder, Faust Global Partners