Interview with Nigerian Fashion Designer, Ekwerike Chukwuma

Interview with Ekwerike Chukwuma Founder of Wuman

Interview with Nigerian Fashion Designer, Ekwerike Chukwuma

 Jennifer Faust interviews Ekwerike Chukwuma, the Nigerian fashion designer and founder of the brand, WUMAN.

WUMAN is a contemporary African fashion-art brand founded in 2013 by Ekwerike Chukwuma. The womenswear/menswear brand draws inspiration from the female form which Chukwuma fell in love with during his early University days. The garments by WUMAN unify culture, heritage and African art with cross disciplinary affinities to anatomy, poetry, architecture etc.

At WUMAN, garments are seen as storytellers and are created within moments of grace unique to Chukwuma and the times. The garments are art made to speak to and engage its wearer and audience, as well as become a tool of change.

WUMAN was created to foster idealogical fashion that is deeply rooted in the continent of Africa with a view to carve its unique and authentic perspective across the global fashion industry.