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I am Jennifer Faust – consultant, speaker, and ESG Executive coach and expert.  I’m committed to helping busy, overwhelmed professionals learn how to adapt their business to the rising ESG/S movement through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching. To that end, I am excited about the personalized ESG/S Executive Coaching program I created over the last six months. This course will teach you what you must know about the ESG/S movement. And I’ll give you the tools to build out your ESG/S framework for your business or organization.


The course can be virtual, or in-person and it’s been structured into teaching sessions followed by coaching sessions. You’ll receive course materials, assessments, workbooks and lots of resources and tools.  If you’re business executive, leader, investor and/or interested individual, then this course is for you.  I’ll work with you individually to tailor the course around your busy schedule, and I’ll personally teach and work with you at each step of the way. When you’re done, you’ll have a set ESG/S strategy and will have begun implementing a solid foundation.


I care deeply about this work and believe business can be a powerful tool for positive change in our world. My sincere goal is to help individuals understand the power of ESG/S and apply it in their respective lives for lasting impact. So, let’s work together to transform our world for the better. Purpose-driven for people, planet & profit!


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Working with an instructional designer, I’ve created a comprehensive and personalized course curriculum that will teach you what you MUST know about the ESG and Sustainability movement. And give you the tools to build out a ESG/S framework for your business or organization.

The Curriculum has been structured into nine flexible modules – each with a teaching session followed by a coaching session. You’ll receive course materials, assessments, workbooks, and lots of resources and tools. When you’ve completed the curriculum, you’ll have a set ESG/S strategy and will have begun implementing a framework for your business or organization.

Course Objectives:

  • Define and explain ESG & Sustainability as it relates to business, investing, and finance
  • Understand how ESG/S can impact an organization’s overall performance
  • List key trends and issues in ESG/S
  • Understand the need for a Materiality Assessment and the role it plays in the organization’s ESG/S strategy and adoption
  • Understand the Impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in an organization
  • State the four core elements of governance factors
  • Define Stakeholder Capitalism
  • Create an ESG/S strategy for your organization and begin implementing your framework


Module 1: ESG and Sustainability Overview
Module 2: Materiality Assessment

Module 3: Environmental 

Module 4: Social

Module 5: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Module 6: Governance

Module 7: Reporting

Module 8: ESG/S Performance, Trends and Expectations

Module 9: Course Summary 


esg coaching


  • Highly private, personalized, and flexible
  • In-person or virtual
  • Ideal of Executives and Leaders.

Small Group

  • Personalized & flexible
  • Virtual or in-person
  • Ideal for small teams, groups, or boards, especially in the same organization. You’ll still enjoy some privacy while benefitting from your colleague’s collective expertise.

Virtual Retreat

  • Personalize & flexible
  • Virtual
  • Ideal for groups, teams, and professional development initiatives.
esg executive coaching program

In-Person Retreat

  • Highly private, personalized, and flexible.
  • In-person
  • Ideal for Executive Teams and Board of Directors

Finding competent, qualified ESG and Sustainability training can be difficult. Based in the Washington, DC area, Faust Global provides exceptional executive coaching services with a proven reputation for success and record for results in both public and private sectors.

Why Choose Faust Global?

We have created proven methods and proprietary skills to educate every leader we coach.

      • Jennifer Faust has extensive investment and advisory career spanning more than 20 years.
      • She is well-known internationally for her deep network, thoughtful approach, and commitment to lasting impact.
      • She has successfully consulted leaders from a wide range of businesses and organizations in both the United States and internationally.

We are committed to making a genuine improvement in your organization at an executive level.

What is ESG Executive Coaching?

ESG Executive coaching helps leaders in companies and communities grow and develop personally and professionally. In many cases, coaching helps leaders recognize their organization’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of ESG and Sustainability and provides a roadmap to benefit from this rising movement.  Additionally, coaching can help executives develop their own personal and professional ESG and Sustainability goals and create a plan to achieve them. Ultimately, like other executive coaching programs, it focuses on helping the person to help the organization.

ESG Executive Coaching Services

Whether your business or organization is a start-ups or long-established, leaders today are required to understand ESG and Sustainability to succeed.

At Faust Global, we can provide ESG and Sustainability executive coaching specially tailored to your organization’s needs. This includes:

      • Consulting for individual leaders to assess their competencies and general goals.
      • Giving assessments and interviews to newly promoted leaders who may not have relevant experience
      • Advising directors and mid-level managers who have a wide breadth of experience but still require guidance
      • Providing more impactful coaching to C-suite executives who provide more high-level strategy to an organization
      • Work with executive boards and internal teams
      • Expert speaking on ESG and Sustainability at team retreats and development days

We even provide flexible services that allow other executives and business leaders in similar positions to connect, allowing them to work together to overcome similar obstacles. Because of our wide-ranging experiences with organizations in both public and private sectors, we are specially equipped to deal with leaders and executives in all circumstances and experience levels.


Our Approach to ESG Executive Coaching

Faust Global’s success in ESG training and executive coaching services is rooted in a proprietary process that puts all stakeholders at the forefront of an executive’s philosophy. This includes counseling and executive coaching that implores executives to be more mindful of their impact people and planet.


ESG Executive Coaching Program

Today, leaders have a difficult job to do: Each day, they must balance competing demands, face numerous uncertainties, and take the needs and concerns of team members, customers, stakeholders, and shareholders into account when making decisions—while also trying to continuously develop their own professional skills and leadership abilities.

ESG Executive Coaching is a one-on-one partnership between the executive or leader and Jennifer Faust aimed at supporting individuals or teams and helping them weather the unique demands they face by working on development opportunities that speak specifically to that executive’s needs.


What ESG Executive Coaching Can Do for You

Executive-level leaders face unique challenges; they confront a myriad of issues, uncertainties, and demands every single day. The decisions and actions of these leaders affect shareholders, customers, and employees, so they must work hard to satisfy competing demands—a difficult task even under the best of circumstances. With everything there is for senior-level leaders to do and consider, the need to help them maximize their leadership effectiveness is more critical than ever. No matter how talented, experienced, or knowledgeable these leaders may be, the nature of their work requires that they continue to develop their leadership skills so they can perform at peak levels.


Faust Global’s ESG Executive Coaching Program

Faust Global’s ESG Executive Coaching program is built around a coaching partnership that focuses on the unique personal-development needs of executives. Through a series of flexible one-on-one coaching sessions, executives are guided through a self-discovery process that allows them to capitalize on their strengths and identify their blind spots.


The process is designed to help leaders understand how their development efforts can create and sustain positive changes in their leadership competencies and in the people they lead, as well as positively impact the organization’s results. What makes Faust Global’s Executive Coaching program unique is its individualized focus on ESG and Sustainability along with its well-developed curriculum. Our process is tailored and linked directly to the current business issues and realities the leader is facing, as well as being aligned with the specific developmental areas that are relevant needs for the leader being coached.


Through this personalized attention and supporting learning experiences, we achieve rapid results—in both behavioral changes and in business outcomes that are sustained over time. Due to this distinctive approach to the process, we can coach high-potential leaders and executives working at all levels of the business, as well as members of the senior leadership team, executive teams, and groups.

I am Jennifer Faust – ESG/S Expert, Executive Coach and Speaker. I am dedicated to helping busy professionals improve and grow their business through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching. Get started with my free ESG/S guide.

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