How Are You Trying?

How Are You Trying?

“Win At Home First” 

Dearest Friends!

When Cory Carlson, my friend and colleague on Aruna’s Board of Directors (, kindly invited me on his “Win At Home First” podcast, I immediately thought, “why me?” Surely someone else would be a better fit. 
What do I know about ‘winning’ at home? Or work? Or Life? What tips and tricks could I share with his audience?  And what does ‘winning’ even look like? So many questions and doubts filled my mind. I’m my worst critic. 
Most days, I get up very early and fall into bed late at night. In the hours between, I’m just trying to do the best I can with what God gave me. Sure, I work hard and have some regular routines and rituals that I think have helped me succeed and stay focused on God, goals, and priorities. However, lots of people are more disciplined than me. 
But as I’ve entered my mid-life, I’ve come to see that ‘winning’ at home, work or life is much less about ‘achieving’ and much more about ‘trying.’ 
Trying to step out in faith. Trying to do what’s right. Trying to love. Trying to have fun. Trying to redefine failures and shortcomings. Trying to be present, patient, and forgiving. Trying to learn, improve, and grow. Endlessly & actively trying.
I guess it’s the trying spirit that gives me the credibility to be on his podcast. That’s how I’m winning at home, work & life – by always trying.  I hope my story encourages you to keep trying and helps you find greater focus and purpose in your life.  
I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Cory – thank you for having me! Please listen, share, and let us know what you think!

Sending all my best, always! 


Jennifer Faust
Faust Global Partners
Founder & Managing Partner

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