How to Get Started with ESG Today

How to Get Started with ESG Today


Dearest Friends,

A heartfelt thank you to everyone that attended our first Live LinkedIn session last week! It was a productive first session and confirmed how badly these types of open discussions are needed. The audience’s wide diversity – people from around the world and in various stages of their professional careers – also left an awesome impression on me.  Everyone coming together to share insights, questions, and concerns on ESG & Sustainability.

I want to share a small sample of the questions I received:

.What are the key topics we should think about for each of the E, S & G?

.How can we act as a collective with a sense of urgency and move ahead on sustainability?

.What would your suggestion be for corporations and governments (especially those of the emerging markets) to push to start proactive climate action rather than relying on a reactionary process that has been quite prevalent so far?

.What advice can you give us as we begin laying out an ESG strategy and framework for our company?

.What’s your take on the recent politicization of ESG?

Unsurprisingly, other main topics of conversation were Greenwashing, Measurement, and Reporting – all areas of deep concern in the ESG & Sustainability space. We only scratched the surface of these important issues, and, in the interest of time, had to leave many unanswered questions for the next time.


Speaking of next time, here are the dates for upcoming Linkedin Lives. Be sure to connect with me on Linkedin for details.


  • Thursday, August 11th @10 am ET – Accountability. Who owns ESG?
  • Thursday, August 25th @10 am ET – Materiality. What’s important?
  • Thursday, September 8th @10 am ET – Framework. What does success look like?
  • Thursday, September 22nd @10 am ET – Data, Measurement & Reporting. What are best practices?


To help you get started on your ESG strategy, you can download these resources that I created:


An important part of the “S” in ESG is employee well-being and mental health. To that end, I’m excited to go out West in a few days to enjoy a much-needed break.

I’ll be in God’s country – Wyoming & Montana! My cowboy boots have been packed and, so far, travel plans haven’t been derailed by the recent flooding in the area. Fingers crossed it stays that way! I’ll report back when I get home.

For those in the United States, wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!

As always, warmly yours,