Sustainable Holiday Gifts

sustainable holiday gift guide

Sustainable Holiday Gifts

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!! This is my favorite time of the year – I’m so excited to celebrate the holidays with friends and family! But, finding the right gift…and sustainable holiday gifts according to the person’s interests, hobbies, and likes and dislikes… can be difficult and stressful. Therefore, I am here to help you find gifts that are trendy but also take planet and people in mind.

Here are some of our Sustainable Holiday Gifts of favorite beverage items and accessories, food items, clothing accessories, and shoes ideas for every type of person.

Sustainable Holiday Gifts of Beverages- Coffee, Tea and Accessories

clean beaches coffee blendAmavida- Clean Beaches Coffee Blend Bundle- $50 (Coffee)

Starting the day out with a good cup of coffee is a must for me! If you’re looking to make a trendy yet environmentally-responsible purchase, then the coffee bundle by Amavida is your best bet. It’s a great option as your purchase will help to protect sea-life. For each purchase, proceeds will go towards removing plastic waste from oceans. Not to mention, your loved one will love the taste of these three fantastic coffee blends!

Pique Teas- Matcha Beauty Bundle- $134 (Tea)

I first came across Pique teas when I started Intermittent fasting a few years ago and was thrilled to learn about how they take planet and people seriously. The brand Pique Teas came up with this amazing tea beverage that helps detoxify your body and give you glowing skin. If you know a skincare enthusiast, they are sure to enjoy this beauty bundle. It includes a glass beaker along with 56 servings of Sun Goddess Matcha- the tea that does the magic!

Amavida- Hyper Pure Ceramic Thermos- $60 (Beverage Accessory)

Are you looking for an eco-friendly holiday present for the coffee-lover in your life? You can pair a pack of tasteful coffee with this stainless steel thermos that doesn’t harm the environment. The product is affordable and provides an excellent on-the-go coffee drinking experience.

Amavida- Chemex Brewer- $50

This coffee brewing equipment is great if you want to go the extra mile with your present. It looks chic with its sleek shape, and the high-quality glass is heat resistant as well. It comes with a polished wood collar and a classic leather tie for a stylish look. This way, your loved one can easily reheat coffee without losing its flavor.

Sustainable Holiday Gifts of Food

Ziba Foods- Variety Pack- $16.99

I have a special place in my heart for Ziba and the people of Afghanistan and I highly recommend their world-class products. Do well by eating well! Whether you’re getting the variety packs as a present or treating yourself, you can choose Ziba Foods products according to your personal preferences or those of the recipient. Your options include Heirloom Almonds Shakhurbai in dry roasted or salted flavors. Similarly, you can get dry roasted or salted apricot kernels as well. Not to forget, Ziba Foods also offer raw Heirloom Almonds, Gurbandi and sun-dried figs.

Jeni’s Ice Cream- Friendsgiving Collection- $98

Jeni’s Ice cream has the best package for you if you are looking to throw an ice cream holiday party. The collection has 9 delicious ice cream flavors for every type of ice cream lover. You can have it delivered at your own doorstep for a Friendsgiving party or at your friends as a holiday gift. It will make for a tasteful and memorable time this holiday season. This is one of my favorite go-to gifts for friends and family across the country. Who doesn’t like to get a box filled with delicious ice creams on their doorstep?!!

Sustainable Holiday Gifts of Clothing and Accessories

bombas fairisleBombas- Women’s Fair Isle Calf Socks- $16

Socks make for great gifts during the holiday season, so if you have a sock-person in mind; they are going to love this pair of Fair Isle calf socks by Bombas. These soft and warm pairs of socks are available in 7 different color options. You could either get their whole collection as a present for your friend or add one pair to each gift box.

Bombas- Women’s Holiday Calf Socks Pack of 4- $60.80

While any kind of comfy socks serves as great holiday gifts, it even better when they’re holiday-themed. Bombas has put together a holiday bundle comprising of 4 pairs of festive-colored socks for women. You shouldn’t rethink if you know someone who would be excited to open their gift box to these.

Bombas- Men’s Holiday Calf Socks Pack of 4- $60.88

Who said that men can’t enjoy cozy, comfortable socks as a holiday present this Christmas? This is another socks package by Bombas that is wrapped together especially for men. Whether you’re getting it as a present for your dad, husband, or brother, they’re sure to love all four of these festive patterns.

Bombas- Women’s Gripper Slipper- $40

These gripper slippers for women by Bombas are available in 4 different colors. They are warm, soft and comfortable, just like regular socks. The only difference is the added benefit of improved fit and slipper-like grip. You can get these for your sister, mom, or grandmother – they’ll surely love the design! What’s more, is that they come with a travel bag as well.

Bombas- Men’s Gripper Slipper- $40

You can choose between four color options of gripper slippers for yourself or your friends. These are your comfortable and warm socks that give you an excellent grip. Now, you can wander around your house without having to wear slippers over your socks. You and your friends can cozy without worrying about slips and trips this holiday season.

sep jordan alhambraSEP Jordan- Just Tote Bag Alhambra- $68

SEP Jordan is another company dear to my heart – the amazing founder has truly put people and purpose at the core of her business! And the company’s products are simply gorgeous! I guarantee you people will ask where you got it!

With the rise of sustainability trends, tote bags have become a must-have for women all over the world. This Just Tote Bag Alhambra must be your go-to present for someone who loves to stay in sync with fashion trends. This product is a bonus if you or your friend loves sustainable fashion accessories. Not to mention, it’s a fashion accessory that always comes in handy!

SEP Jordan- Beauty Case- $45

Does your list of people also include someone who has things scattered all over the place or someone who is always travelling? This might be the perfect present for them. The Beauty Case by Sep Jordan works well to store toiletries or makeup while travelling or even for daily use at home. It comes in two color options that you can choose from. Not to forget, the case has a pc-coated lining making it waterproof on the inside.

SEP Jordan- Black-on-Black May Keffiyeh- $85

This Black-on-Black May Keffiyeh is just another great sustainable gift idea for a fashion enthusiast, you know. The black scarf comes in 4 different pattern options. These patterns are embroidered on the polyester/acrylic scarf. What’s best about these scarves is that they are hand-made, and you can also send them your own pattern to be embroidered on your scarf.

SEP Jordan- Travel and Wardrobe Garment Bag- $85

Men can be very sensitive about keeping their clothes ironed and in the best condition. If you know a man like that, this garment bag will make a useful present for them. It can be used inside the wardrobe to protect precious garments or even whilst traveling.

patagonia hoodyPatagonia- Women’s Regenerative Organic Pilot Cotton Essential Hoody- $69

Purchasing this hoody will take you a step ahead of your regular standards of leading sustainable life. Your purchase will contribute to farms that work towards rehabilitating soil and improving the lives of local farmers. The healthy soil can help reduce the rate of climate change by trapping carbon.

Patagonia- Women’s R1 Air Zip Neck- $119

You can purchase this R1 Air Zip Neck as a present for the athletic woman in your life. The fleece supports physical activities by being breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying. This is a sustainable fleece option as it is made from 100% recycled polyester.

Patagonia- Men’s Better Sweater Fleece Jacket- $139

Know a man in love with warm aesthetic jackets? The Better Sweater Fleece Jacket by Patagonia is the perfect holiday present for someone like that. It has the comfort of a fleece jacket but the aesthetic of a knit sweater. What makes it a great option for sustainable shopping is that it is made with 100% recycled polyester and dyed using a low-impact procedure.

Patagonia- Men’s Micro D Fleece Pullover- $59

This fleece pullover acts as the perfect layering clothing item for everyday fashion. It is made from recycled polyester and is very lightweight. Men in your family or among your friends would love to enjoy its comfort and warmth on casual day-outs during the beginning months of winter or all year long. Also, what is a better holiday present than a good pullover jacket?

Sustainable Holiday Gifts of Shoes

Everlane- The Editor Heel- $49

These chic editor heels can pair perfectly with any dress or even a suit. If you are looking for a sustainable holiday present best suited for a fashionista in your life, your search stops here. The heels have a sleek design and a slight height to them. Your friend or sister will surely love these. Or, you can gift them to yourself as well.

Everlane- The Glove Boot- $130

While boots are trendy all year long, colder months mean that every woman is ready to style a pair with beautiful outfits. These are a wardrobe staple that the special women in your life won’t be able to resist. What makes this stunning pair even better is the fact that they are made of 88% recycled polyester. Not to mention, the glove boots are unbelievably easy to clean.

Everlane- The Desert Boot- $125

The Desert Boots by Everlane have a suede construction that’s equal parts comfort and style. There is absolutely no need to compromise on either because these suede chukka boots come with the most comfortable sneaker soles. The great thing about these boots is that they come with 94.2% virgin, plastic-free soles.

the editorThe Point- $145

The Point by Rothy’s is an excellent choice for any stylish girl on your list of holiday presents. Rothy’s are known to sustainably manufacture all their products. The brand makes sure that all its products are thoughtfully made, keeping the planet’s health in mind. Not only will you contribute to a sustainable environment, but the receiver of the present is sure to fall in love with the red of the points.

The Essential Pouch – $95

Not only a favorite in my closet but a favorite gift for me to give a special friend or family member.

Aruna Project

I love this company! I had the privilege of meeting Aruna’s founders several years ago and continue to be inspired by their work. They produce beautiful athleisure products sustainably and ethically. And, when you support Aruna through purchasing products, 100% of the profits directly impact freed Artisans from the sex-trade in India. As you shop, you’re helping to free, support and empower women who have been victims of human trafficking. Products even come with the names of the victim (s) who made that product and whose life you’re empowering! Run, don’t walk to the computer and purchase some of their amazing products!  

Shree Crossbody – $59.00

I’ve used this purse as I’ve traveled literally all over the world. I like the black because it goes with everything, but it also comes in a few fun colors. The material is easy to clean and don’t let its small size confuse you…it packs in a ton of items!!

sonu backpack

Sonu Backpack -$95.00

Amazing colors and the perfect backpack. Whether it is a holiday, birthday, or graduation gift, all the above-mentioned products will make for great presents for any occasion. Not to forget, they are under $150 and sustainable at the same time!

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I have! Please let me know what you think! Let’s not just talk about sustainability – let’s be the change we hope to see in this world and wisely use our purchasing power to help create a world that is better for planet and people!

A heartfelt thank you for your continued support and encouragement! I hope that you love these sustainable holiday gifts as much as I do! 2021 has been a great year for Faust Global Partners thanks to all of you! – Jenn