Jennifer Faust led in selecting international private equity fund managers across all regions and sectors for the agency’s investment funds and presented to its Investment Committees and Board of Directors. Jennifer served as representative to private equity fund Advisory Boards and Board of Directors, as well as the department’s representative internal Credit Committee for all its products. She also managed eight private equity funds with approximately $600 million in OPIC commitments across various emerging markets and sectors.


Jennifer oversaw the monitoring and credit review of the agency’s private equity portfolio of over 40 private equity and impact funds with nearly $4 billion in emerging market commitments across all sectors and regions. She developed detailed restructuring and workout plans for funds that failed to meet expectations, working with Sponsors to develop alternatives methods to achieve sustainable development and meet key financial objectives. She oversaw the process of setting the risk rating and reserves for the investment funds portfolio working with the agency’s senior executive team.


Along with other senior members, she developed standard terms, valuations, and conditions of legal agreements with investment funds. She advised on negotiations with fund managers on the agency’s  agreements and prepared written reports to senior management with recommendations relative to actions or positions the agency should take. She reviewed all commitment and closing documents of the agency’s investment funds for credit implications, covenant coverage and best practices.


In addition, Jennifer conducted on-site monitoring trips to emerging markets to meet with fund managers and review their investments on-site and conduct due diligence on fund operations. She further served as the department representative on public relations trips to U.S. foreign policy priority countries with the agency’s politically appointed senior executive team.




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