What Do You Want to Know About ESG & Sustainability?

What Do You Want to Know About ESG & Sustainability?

What do You want to know about ESG & Sustainability?

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This week’s newsletter is a personal invite to my LIVE discussion on LinkedIn this Thursday at 10:00am EDT. I’ll be answering your questions on ESG & Sustainability!

I‘ve already received some great questions but there is still time to make a submission! Please send me a DM or email at jennifer@faustglobal.com.

Here is the link to the event:

What do YOU want to know about ESG & Sustainability?

ESG/S is a rapidly rising movement. There is lots of talk about it, but what does it all mean? Here are just a few of the many questions I regularly get about ESG & Sustainability:

  • What does “ESG” stand for?
  • What is Scope 3?
  • How do you best measure and report on ESG?
  • Is there a difference between ESG & Sustainability?
  • Are there some good first steps to take when building out an ESG strategy?
  • Is this movement even for real or just being woke?


As mentioned before, please send your question as a DM or to my email at jennifer@faustglobal.comYour questions will be anonymous.

**Important Details!**

The LIVE session will be free, and it is on LinkedIn.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022 at 10:00am EDT.

I’m super excited to hear what’s on your mind and hope you’ll join me on LinkedIn LIVE!


Jennifer Faust
Faust Global Partners
Founder & Managing Partner

P.S. Did you hear about our recently launched ESG/S advisory curriculum? It’s a comprehensive coaching program focused on helping leaders and boards understand the dynamic ESG/S movement and build an ESG/S framework for their respective organizations. The program is especially relevant for small and medium-sized businesses looking to adopt an ESG/S framework but lack the time, resources, and finances to do it. For more information, please email us at jennifer@faustglobal.com.

For more information on Faust Global Partners, please find us at www.faustglobal.com.


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